On the Paths of the Dead

One of the most stunning film locations is just round the corner from where I live: the Putangirua Pinnacles, less than an hour’s drive from my doorstep, down by the Wairarapa coast. The location can only be reached on foot – about half an hour’s walk up a rocky river bed, from the signposted parking space and DOC campsite off the Cape Palliser road.

The first set of photos was taken on a bright sunny day in February 2007 – I have to admit that I can’t recall the shoot, one of quite a number of visits I’ve made to this location, even before I shifted to the Wairarapa. It must have been hot – February, around here, is the height of summer.

The second set was taken last November, on my “new” (not so new any more!) Sony Alpha DSLR camera. This shoot I do remember quite clearly: I’d been planning to go down to the coast, but the day dawned rainy and not very promising. Toward afternoon, it looked like it was clearing up a little, so on a hunch, I decided to go anyway: either it would be a complete waste of time, or I might be in for some spectacular light effects! Lucky for me, the second was the case: after walking up to the site in drifting rain, by the time I arrived, the sun did break through, and the play of light and shade made you well believe that there was an entry into a realm of the dead, somewhere up at the head of the ravine.

View more photos on my web page: photography.asni.net ** prints availlable on Artflakes ** or on  DeviantArt



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